8 New Delights Just Landed!

As you can see our bar stool family has a wide range of lovable stools that cater for a variety of needs. However due to the ever expanding Lamboro range, we can now proudly introduce a new era of bar stools that are bound to hit the ground running.

Our new stools have a wide range of lovely features that vary for contemporary or light commercial uses. Lamboro are continuing to revitalise all the time, and have now innovated new additions to their height adjustable range and have introduced a glorious selection of fixed height stools. The variety of height adjustable stools that are listed below incorporate a lovely Italian design with comfort in mind making them integrate beautifully in a kitchen or breakfast bar environment. Whereas the fixed height stools have a beautiful yet simplistic design that still pack great comfort and stability making these stools suited to a more commercial environment such as a café or restaurant area.

Here is a sneak peak of the new additions to our family with a few features that truly represent their brilliance:

New Designs

Ravenna Bar Stool

New Ravenna Black Bar StoolThe Ravenna bar stool oozes with comfort due to its dense padding and high back rest making this stool a delight to sit on. Lined with superb black faux leather to give a truly sophisticated look that blends in beautifully with the mirror finished chrome work on the base, triangular footrest and gas lift section. The high back rest present will allow you to improve lumbar support. And there is no need to worry about scratches or dents being transferred as the stool has a unique rubber ring protector around the bottom of the base that will guarantee to prevent this. This stool is one of our most suave stools in our range and will guarantee to catch the eye of almost anyone that comes across it and with the 2 colours of black and cream to choose from will allow different decors to be catered for.

Rovigo Bar Stool

The rovigo white bar stoolThe Rovigo is another addition to our height adjustable range that also has masses of comfort and packs great stability due to the wide base of support. Although having a slightly thinner seat top, the stool remains comfortable and relaxation will always be achieved with the footrest catering for the lower part of your body and the high backrest for the top. This lovely addition comes in 3 magnificent colours: white, black and red which gives you a lovely choice to have

Siena Bar Stool

Striking Siena Red StoolThe Siena has a funky, retro look that is an extremely comfortable stool due to its thick padding lined with red faux leather giving it a fierce and fiery look. A glistening look is given off due to its mirror finished chrome work and stability is maintained due to its wide base of support. The Siena will make a great addition to a kitchen/breakfast bar area but due to its modern, funky look, this stool will definitely not look out of place in a café environment. And with the option of having either red, black or cream faux leather will allow most needs to be catered for.

Venezia Bar Stool

Venezia StoolThe Venezia stool is a well crafted piece of furniture that comes in 3 wood effects: oak, walnut and zebrano. The stools are topped with a lovely finish to give the stool the dazzling look it deserves as well as maintaining its greatness. The ergonomically designed seat top contrasts beautifully in a kitchen area and would integrate beautifully into a more commercial environment such as a café or restaurant. With the mirror finish chrome giving off an alluring glow, this stool is bound to grab the attention of almost anyone.

Lazio Bar Stool

Snazzy new Lazio Bar StoolThe Lazio stool is a new two-tone addition that is bursting with style and glorious colour. The half and half colour split is wonderful statement of innovative design that really captures the attention of many people. As one of our smaller stools, this one has great manoeuvrability and fits well under any work tops. The mirror finished chrome work blends in beautifully with any modern day kitchen appliances present and can fit in almost anywhere. Due to the vast colours we now offer in the Lazio stool, we can almost guarantee that one of them will match the décor of your kitchen or café area.

Commercial Stools

We are now offering a range of well crafted fixed height stools that have really hit the ground running and have deemed to catch the eye of many of buyers already. The fixed height stools give a new era of stability whilst still maintaining outstanding comfort due to the padding and the faux leather on the cube and the ergonomically designed curves on the oslo/mesh. Below is a sneak peak of what they can offer and a picture of their outstanding aesthetics:

Cube Bar Stool

New fixed height Cube Blue StoolOur new cube is one of our most simplistic stools that can fit in almost anywhere and does not take up masses of space. The cube stool is suited to almost anyone and can be used in a wide range of commercial uses e.g. cafes and restaurants. Although very simplistic, the cube still upholsters great comfort with its dense padding and superb faux leather which come in a range of colours such as black, white, blue, red and purple. Although very nimble stability is still maintained with its burly legs and rubber feet protectors at the bottom to ensure safety is reached and your floor surface isn’t scratched.

Oslo Bar Stool

Oslo PairThe Oslo stool is a great addition and can hold its own as one of our most aesthetically pleasing stools that not only look lush, they also are very sturdy due to it’s a splayed legs and unique built in cross frame. The chrome plated stool gives a suave look and with the built in footrest at the bottom of the stool allows relaxation to be achieved for a prolonged period of time. The rubber protecting feet at the bottom protects the floor surface and with a stool as good looking and as strong as this will guarantee to grab a lot of attention and fit in beautifully in many commercial environments.

Oslo Mesh Stools

Oslo Mesh PairThe Oslo Mesh is the sister stool to the Oslo and has a very similar structure and look except for the unique perphirated design. This outstanding stool has jaw dropping aesthetics and strong stability and will look fantastic in many commercial environments. The shadow effect that is given off due to the perphirated design is a mesmerising sight to look at and combined with the chrome plated steel makes this stool shine brighter than most. The Oslo and Oslo Mesh come in a range of colours such as black, white, red and silver and with these choices available will make you stuck for choice. Overall these will make a lovely addition and can be easily moved around with the unique hand slot in the top of the stool that just adds greatness to its many credentials.

Our new range of stools as you can see are lovely designs that have been carefully selected to help fulfil the needs of the many of you lovely buyers out there. So combined with the stools we have already and the new additions of modern and commercial designs will guarantee to have every area that you requite to be covered. With the options to buy singly or in pairs or to mix and match colours available will also allow you to not just have one of these new stools but will allow you to have numerous beauties to boast about.