Fresh New Look, Same Loveable Simply Bar Stools!

Many of you may have witnessed a lot of big and exciting changes taking place on the website as of late. Some of which were suggested by a few of our fantastic customers in fact!

So what has actually taken place on the website and why? How will it benefit me as the customer? All questions that will be answered in this short and informative blog post.

Firstly lets begin with the beautiful looking and easy to navigate new home page. We decided that along with creating something that was much more pleasant to look at we would also strip out all the unnecessary mumbo jumbo that quite frankly you as the customer really don't want to be seeing! The home page now includes more of what you want to be seeing such as 'Special Offers' and 'Staff Picks Of The Week'. Most importantly it now features more Bar Stools that are easily accessible and will be updated much more frequently to give you what we think is what you want to be seeing. This is done through an in depth look into current trends and researching popular bar stools, all done by our in house bar stool experts.

Next the all new trade and wholesale page. This was a long overdue change that was prompted by one of our loyal trade customers as they found the old page a little to confusing with not enough information. With this feedback we quickly changed the page to include more information and a neat little contact form that allows us to quickly respond to enquiries. Along with these changes came a stylish new look too, so not only can you now see all the information you need but you can see it on a much more aesthetically pleasing design too. It's a win, win!

The page in which we have perhaps improved the most was the contact us page. Many people have been saying for quite some time that it was far to bare and quite rightly stated that it only consisted of a contact us form with no other real information about getting in touch via any other form of communication. The new contact us page now features everything you could ever need to get in touch with the Simply Bar Stools team! E-mail, Letter, Telephone, Contact Form, all included and displayed clearly. Not only this but we have now included a nifty map too making it even easier to find us!

Finally an improvement that you should be seeing getting rolled out across all of the site very soon is the addition of the 'Join Us' section featuring usually at the bottom of every page. It includes links to all of our social networks which many of our customers prior to this update were struggling to find. Remember to check them out for updates and competition announcements.

These improvements we hope will really help all of our customers whether they are looking to purchase, are just browsing, enquiring or getting in contact with us. Continued improvements are looking to be implemented very soon so check back frequently for any updates on this!