Fresh new stools, hot off the block!!

We are proud to give you a glimpse into our new products that have just arrived which include stools that are made from very dense polypropylene to traditional looking stools made from the superb crafted birch wood. All these stools have fantastic designs that are designed to fit in well in many commercial environments all of which have comfort and stability in mind.

With the recent trend for handcrafted designs and rustic chic on the rise, we are raring to release the designs listed below. And with the wide variety of colours and slight innovative designs, will allow you to find the specific stool for your required needs.

Oslo Bar Stools

New Oslo Bar StoolWe are now offering our stunning steel stools in a lovely little quartet to give you the chance to get these stools at a well respected discounted price. These stools are built for purpose with their tremendous amounts of stability and their eye catching aesthetics making this stool suitable for many contemporary kitchens and breakfast bar areas. With the choice in either red, white, silver and black will give you the choice to help suit your required taste.

Miura Bar Stool

The Miura Bar Stool
The Miura stools are one of our newest members of to our bar stool family and has brought a very unique look along with it. This exuberant looking stool comes in 3 colours white, black and red all of which are very, very aesthetically pleasing and can be used for indoor or outdoor use. Being a commercial standard stool means this stool pacts great stability and with its unique design and lovely looks gives another great specimen of a bar stool. These stools are sold in 4’s which allows you to have quadrupled the amount pleasure for your whole family to enjoy.

Industrial Bar Stool

Industrial Bar Stool
The industrial stools are a very unique sample of a differentiated design that is currently all in rage in the bar stool market. We are offering these stools as a couple to allow them to settle in great to any contemporary home or a café or bar environment. Style is maintained with th factory-chic look, beautifully masked by its strong frame to give an all round lovely traditional stool.

Kuadra Bar Stool

Kuadra Bar StoolThe Kuadra stool has very recently become a very popular stool and we are honoured to be able to give you the chance to purchase one of the delights. The popularity comes from its ability to be placed indoor or outdoor and the fact it is a lovely stool. The very strong and well crafted polypropylene seat gives support through the backrest to outstanding comfort through the seat and with its 4 legs providing reassuring support, gives the making of a quality stool. Sold in groups of 4 in either black or white.

Bolero Bar Stool

Belero Bar Stool
The Bolero stool is another great product which Is very similar to the Kuadra stool and definitely mirrors the style and comfort the Kuadra has. The Bolero stool can also be placed indoors or outdoors and is perfect for a café or kitchen area. The specially chosen height provides optimising comfort and with the embedded footrest also present allows you to relax for hours on end. We are selling the stools in groups of 4 but space is always catered for as these stools can be stacked up to 8 high. A very exciting prospect.

Stratos Bar Stool

Stratos Bar Stool
The stratos bar stool is a hot topic on the market and with it extremely comfortable padding and its antique look, there is no reason why this stool is so popular. The birch wood frame goes down a treat as it gives a traditional look to your contemporary kitchen or bar area, and these stools would not look at of place in a café or bar area due to its specialised height being perfect to sit at a work top. The padded faux leather and the high back offer great comfort and with the choice of black, brown or cream, you can choose a colour to suit you. All in all a great quality stool with comfort and stability in mind.

As you can see there are some new exciting innovative designs that have come in all shapes and sizes and are made out of a wide range of materials all of which maintain the high quality we are proud to sell. And as we are now offering all of these stools to be bought in pairs or in 4’s you can not only enjoy one amazing stool, you get the chance to enjoy a whole family of comfortable and delightful bar stools.