Is a Fixed Height Bar Stool for you?

Our Fixed Height bar stools offer a simple solution to kitchen comfort and gorgeous contemporary design. If you are considering a fixed height stool for your kitchen or breakfast bar then this short and informative post will tell all you need to know on why you should make one of our fixed height stools a new addition to your home or commercial environment.

Our large and impressive range features a whole range of designs and we are always adding to our stand out collection. All of the products in the range have been designed to look fantastic without compromising the comfort, be it wooden or leather you will feel maximum comfort even after extended periods of sitting.

I know what your thinking all of these features can be found in height adjustable stools right, what actually are the outright advantages to fixed height bar stools? Are they best suited to me? Of course the environment the stool will be placed in has a huge effect on the advantages but the stools themselves do have there own advantages.

The first advantage to a fixed height bar stool is the simple assembly process. All of our collection are extremely easy to assemble however fixed height bar stools are by far the most straight forward and take less than 3 minutes to put together.

Another huge plus is the sturdiness of a fixed height bar stools. Our fixed height stools either equipped with a heavy, flat base or 4 legs which reinforces the strength and rigidity of the stool. A large majority of the range also features a front bar that not only supports the sturdiness of the stool but doubles up as footrest for added comfort when seated!

The final advantage to a fixed height stool is the design. Due to the stool being fixed height it allows for much more to be done to the design, hence why all of our fixed height bar stools look so fabulously different! Unlike a gas lift bar stool where it must feature a stem and gas lift lever these stools can be designed so uniquely from one another making them stand out amongst the crowd and grab the attention of anyone who gets the pleasure of laying there eyes on one.

If extreme comfort, a huge range of choice and phenomenal structural design is what you are looking for then a fixed height bar stool is definitely suited too you.