Carcaso Range

The Carcaso bar stools are elegantly designed to suit any modern contemporary kitchen. Along with looking fantastic they also feature an unbelievably comfortable padded faux leather seat and are available in a range of striking colours.

Faux Leather Faux
360 Degree Swivel 360
Height Adjustable Height Adjustable
One Year Warranty One Year

Carcaso Range

Price: $77.99
  • Carcaso Bar Stool Cream Carcaso Bar
    Stool Cream
  • Carcaso Bar Stool White Carcaso Bar
    Stool White
  • Carcaso Bar Stool Red Carcaso Bar
    Stool Red


The Carcaso comes in a few wonderful colour alternatives each have their own advantages, brilliant for people with all sorts of coloured or styled kitchens.

The most popular colour amongst our Carcaso range is the beautifully bold black finish. It boasts style and adds a real sense of class to any room, another fantastic advantage to the black finish is that it works brilliantly with almost any other colour making it suitable to almost any kitchen or breakfast bar.

Cream offers a neutral colour that though being extremely eye-catching when combined with the sleek finish of the Carcaso will not overpower the surrounding environment. Cream also looks fantastic in bright kitchens with plenty of light as they will shine light very subtly giving off a glorious effect.

The red finish to the Carcaso is arguably our most attention-grabbing of the colour choices available. It offers a very unique option that though not suited to every kitchen if worked correctly with the surrounding environment looks simply stunning.

More Information

The Carcaso bar stool range incorporates modern design with an extremely comfortable padded faux leather seat top for maximum comfort, making an ideal choice for any kitchen looking to add a real touch of class.

Looks are a huge part of any stool and the Carcaso is a marvel to look at in any of the fantastic colour options. This is mainly due to its neat and tidy design of the seat top accompanied the marvellous chrome footrest and base.

Being a marvel to look at is all well and great, but in a bar stool comfort also comes hand in hand. It’s safe to say that the Carcaso definitely offers just as high a comfort factor as its luxurious looks. With a well-padded faux leather seat top and a high backrest it makes sitting even for long periods an absolute joy.

The high comfort and ease of use drifts also across to its very functional features too, offering a 360 degree swivel seat top and a very easy to use height adjustable gas lift. These features together with its dazzling looks are what make the Carcaso an all-round glorious stool.

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Customer Testimonials

  • "I Purchased the Carcaso weighted base stools for a Christmas present for my daughter to put in her newly refurbished kitchen. Obviously she hasn't received them yet, but the quality of the stools is simply outstanding. For the price I paid they are an absolute bargain!"Olivia Best