Privacy & Data protection

Your privacy & rights to your data is an issue we take seriously here at DF Sales Ltd (Simply Bar Stools parent company). Below is just a few things we do for your peace of mind.

Credit card & Payment Information

In order to provide the most secure and safe payment process as possible Simply Bar Stools does not take payment details directly. We made the decision that you our beloved customer gets sent to a secure payment gateway, in this case we use SagePay (which doesn't require an account), which takes your payment details and processes the payment. Simply Bar Stools does not handle this information and the only data we have access to in this form is so we can process refunds and check the fraud status of each payment, we never have access to the full details you entered.

Secure Checkout Pages

Although we don't take payment details directly we still believe it's incredibly important to have a secured checkout process. We use a technology called SSL Encryption. Essentially what this does is it encrypts all your data that you provide us with before being sent across the internet. This can prevent numerous cyber-attacks from stealing your data should your computer, tablet or mobile device fall victim to malware.

Website Infrastructure

Without going into too much detail about how Simply Bar Stools is set up we have a regular backup routine and check for malware on a weekly basis. Furthermore other security measures have been taken to make sure our stores don't fall victim to cyber criminals. We take security incredibly seriously and make sure every last bit of data we have access to is securely stored.

Telephone Orders

Should you want to order over the phone, our phone lines are regularly tested for vulnerabilities, and are always up-to-scratch with the latest in security updates to insure a secure connection between yourself and our fantastic sales team. Furthermore information that is logged such as credit card details before being processed are destroyed at the end of each day safe & securely.

Cookie Usage

Simply Bar Stools makes usage of two main types of cookies. The first type directly impacts your usage of the site, such as saving items to your cart and your search preferences, without cookies usage of this site would be severely limited. The second type of cookie relates to tracking, this data is anonymous and is used only for tracking you on this site itself. It allows us to understand how our customers are using the store, and allows us to improve it's usability based on what we learn. Outside of this we do not & will not use any tracking cookies that follow your movement around the web, as we don't like this form of tracking anymore than you do.

Removal of Data

We require to keep your order data for the foreseeable future, and currently don't remove data after any period of time. Should you want your data removed from our databases we should be able to help you, however basic order information requires to be retained regardless otherwise we cannot assist you should you have issues in the near future without proof of purchase.

General Disclaimer

We try incredibly hard to keep your data safe, however we cannot give a guarantee that your data is 100% secure. We are continually reviewing our security measures and make adjustments where we see fit to improve your data protection. We do not store credit card information nor do we share customers details with any 3rd parties.