Purple Bar Stools

Purple is often associated with luxury so if you are looking for a sophisticated bar stool to go in you kitchen then we suggest looking for the deeper, matt colours of purple which often look like lavender.

Frequently when customers are looking for a purple bar stool they would like a more artificial look, this being due to the fact purple is rarely found in nature. A more bright & vibrant artificial purple looks great in a cheerful family room.

When selecting which bar stools models we wanted manufacture in purple there were many aspects to take into consideration, however our main focus was to select stools with beautiful curves as the purple adds a beautiful shade of depth


Why Deluxe?

  • Uprated Gas Lift Upgraded (Grade 4) Gas Lift Mechanism – Gives the bar stool an increased life time making it last for many years to come.
  • 2 Year Warranty 2 Year Warranty - Get a extra year FREE warranty only on our deluxe stools.
  • Weighted Base Cast Iron Weighted Base - flat weighted base with a cast iron core to bring the centre of gravity low for increased stability. No more toppling over!
  • Premium Leather Superior Material - Better quality stitching.
  • Increased Max Weight Increased Max Weight - Able to withstand more weight on the stool making it more durable.

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All of these purple bar stools are available at extremely great prices, with a 1 year guarantee and gas-lift swivel action. They are suitable for domestic use and are easily assembled at your home. If you have any questions about our bar stool range and would like to speak to our sales expert, please call 0117 330 2277.