Sofia Range

The Sofia is one of our most popular bar stools; this is due to its small contemporary design, the vas amount of choice and because they are so comfortable. The high quality faux leather can be easily wiped clean and is almost identical to our real leather stools.

Faux Leather Faux
360 Degree Swivel 360
Height Adjustable Height Adjustable
One Year Warranty One Year

Sofia Range

Chrome Base

Sofia Chrome Bar Stools

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The original range of Sofia’s were the black, red & cream in which came with normal chrome plated bases. These proved so popular that we have expanded the range into far more colours.

The new colours have proved to be just as popular as the 3 original colours. The standard chrome give off some truly beautiful reflections and are actually very resistant to scratching.

Like with the brushed chrome equivalent the Sofia bar stools come with rubber floor protectors on the base to prevent marking stone, wooden or laminate flooring.

Chrome is widely popular due to the fact it has a beautiful mirror effect of its surroundings, which is perfect for complimenting the kitchen it is in. We offer large discounts for pair purchases, to see the brushed chrome Sofia’s simply scroll down the page.

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Price: $57.99
  • Sofia Bar Stool Black Sofia Bar Stool
  • Sofia Bar Stool Cream Sofia Bar Stool
  • Sofia Bar Stool Red Sofia Bar Stool
  • Sofia Bar Stool Purple Sofia Bar Stool
  • Sofia Leather Bar Stool Black Sofia Leather
    Bar Stool Black
  • Sofia Leather Bar Stool Cream Sofia Leather
    Bar Stool Cream
  • Pair of Sofia Leather Bar Stools Cream Pair of Sofia
    Leather Bar
    Stools Cream
  • Pair of Sofia Leather Bar Stools Black Pair of Sofia
    Leather Bar
    Stools Black
  • Pair of Sofia Leather Brushed Bar Stools Black Pair of Sofia
    Leather Brushed
    Bar Stools

Sofia Chrome Pairs

Price: $103.99
  • Pair of Sofia Bar Stools Cream Pair of Sofia
    Bar Stools
  • Pair of Sofia Bar Stools Black Pair of Sofia
    Bar Stools
  • Pair of Sofia Bar Stools Red Pair of Sofia
    Bar Stools Red

Sofia Brushed Chrome Bar Stools

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We have recently added brushed chrome to our already massive bar stool selection and they have shown to be enormously popular. There are many different advantages to having a brushed chrome stool one of which is you do not have to worry about the annoyance of leaving grubby figure marks on the stand.

Brushed chrome is very trendy and is becoming used more and more in stylish contemporary kitchens. The groves of the brushed chrome give the chrome much more tone and is a truly beautiful effect.

Customers do who often come to us looking for a brushed chrome base want them to match their brushed steel kitchen appliances such as ovens, fridges and freezers.

All the brushed chrome Sofia’s are also available in normal chrome and the dimensions are the same. Just like with all of our products the brushed chrome come with a 12 month warranty and free delivery.

Brushed Base
Price: $64.99
  • Sofia Brushed Bar Stool Black Sofia Brushed
    Bar Stool Black
  • Sofia Brushed Bar Stool Cream Sofia Brushed
    Bar Stool Cream

Sofia Brushed Chrome Pairs

Price: $116.99
  • Pair of Sofia Brushed Bar Stools Black Pair of Sofia
    Brushed Bar
    Stools Black


The classic jet black look is one of the most sought after colour options as it offers a classic, contemporary look which will complement most kitchens excellently. Another fantastic advantage to a black seat top is that it will not pick up dirt as easily as many other stools.

Cream is also a wonderful option if you are looking for a neutral colour that will easily style with near enough any environment you place it into. Whilst offering a slightly more relaxed feel than black yet keeping its gracious style.

We have recently added the gorgeous brown Sofia bar stool to our range which gives off a lovely warm, approachable feel. The brown also blends beautifully when placed in a wooden finished kitchen as it configures nicely with the effect of the wood.

If you are a style conscious person then the radiant red colour option may be perfectly suited for you. It offers an exciting feel like no other colour and will make a room feel immediately exciting and energetic.

Blue seat tops offer a feel like no other. It will look great amongst any kitchen that wishes to add a spark and its extravagant colour will really make it stand out from the crowd.

The green option is a very heart-warming colour and will grab the attention of anyone whilst also adding to any kitchen that needs a splash of colour.

Sofia Green Bar Stool
Chrome Base

Chrome Options

The Sofia range is available in two fantastic options, chrome and brushed chrome. The standard chrome effect will give a lovely shiny gloss finish to the stool. Whilst the brushed chrome finish offers a more polished look which reflects light beautifully, especially in lighter coloured rooms.

Neither of these striking choices differs in price, it’s simply down to personal preference on which one you choose to accommodate in your home.

More Information on the Sofia

The Sofia bar stool range offers a beautiful retro look, unbelievable comfort and will make a fantastic addition to any kitchen or breakfast bar.

Its extravagant curves and stylishly clean finish make the Sofia what it is. It has a very unique shape which is what makes this stool such an icon to look at. The stylishly low curved backrest makes sitting an absolute delight and when combined with the padded faux leather seat makes the Sofia extremely comfortable, even when sitting for long periods of time.

When you receive your Sofia or Sofia’s for that matter you’ll be amazed at how little components there are and how easy it is to assemble. With an easy to understand assembly guide your Sofia will be ready to be used to enjoy dinner, read the paper or host gatherings in no time.

The Sofia also packs a huge amount of practicality despite its simple appearance. It offers a simple to use height adjustable gas lift lever mechanism and a very functional 360 degree swivel seat top. These little features are what make the Sofia such an all-round quality stool.

Sofia Red Brushed Chrome

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When purchasing from Simply Bar Stools, you are buying from an extremely reputable company with years of experience. You can guarantee you’ll receive only the best customer service and as part of the whole package, you receive a 14-day money back guarantee and a 12 month warranty just in case anything was to go wrong. We are more than happy to assist you with any questions or queries you may have and have a dedicated and friendly sales team ready and waiting, don’t hesitate to call them on 0117 330 2277.

Customer Testimonials

  • "I had a new kitchen put in and decided to have a breakfast bar. I have been looking for stools to fit with the design as my kitchen and couldn't find any anywhere! I nearly scrapped having the breakfast bar until I found the simply bar stools website, first word that came to mind was finally! I knew soon as I stumbled onto the website that my searching for stools has come to an end! I ended up purchasing the Sofia Brushed Chrome stool which is ideal! Simply Barstools = Brilliant."Ian Mitchell